Would you like to make an original mask?

Welcome to orata.net shop!

At orata.net, you can choose your favorite design and customize it with your favorite text, starting from just one piece. There are three masters that allow you to create your own: the ``Orata Series'', ``Adult Orata Series'', and ``Phototta Series''. Other series have a fixed design.

Please note that it may take more than a month for delivery of custom-made and pre-ordered massages. We hope to deliver the fun and excitement of the original to everyone.

Orata series

This mask allows you to add your name, message, shop name, and other characters of your choice. Recommended as a preparation item when entering kindergarten.

Adult Orata series

This is a highly flexible and playable master mask that allows you to create originals by adding your name, favorite words, messages, artist names, etc. [Plain] only, no characters can be entered.

Okutta series

These are mustards with a strong message that you would want to add to a gift or something you send. The design is fixed. It is also sold at minne and Creema.

Narabeta series

This mask is suitable for decorating notebook collages, photo books, etc. The design is fixed. It is also sold at minne and Creema.

Collaboration series

This is a master piece created in collaboration with the artist and orata. We are proud of our unique and unique designs. It is also sold at minne and Creema.

Tsubuta series

This is a collection of quotes from great people and tweets that may or may not have meaning. Recommended for collages and gifts. It is also sold at minne and Creema.

Phototta series

This is a mask that you can put your favorite photos and text on. It feels special. If you send us the data, we can also print your store's logo.

free sample

This is a sample postcard so that you can see the actual product before ordering. There are about 30 types of stickers, including the Orata series and the Adult Orata series. It's free, so please feel free to order.

  • How to order masking tape that can be engraved with text

    We will explain the number of characters and the characters that can be inserted in the ``Orata series'' and ``Adult Orata series'', which allow you to insert your desired characters.

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  • About the joints of masking tape

    I will explain the seams that inevitably occur due to the structure of the design data and printing method.

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  • Regarding the order period and delivery date for masking tape that can have letters added to it

    We will explain the order period and delivery date for the "Orata series" and "Adult Orata series" that can be engraved with your desired text.

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