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Collaborator ▶︎Endlos 15mm width 9m length 1 piece

Collaborator ▶︎Endlos 15mm width 9m length 1 piece

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This is the third collaboration masterpiece created by my favorite author and friend, akko ♡

I made akko's collage paper smaller and made it into a mask.

Above it are numbers 1 to 31 arranged in order.

It's a typewriter-like font that's a little similar to the first one.

Mr. akko often makes collages with numbers as a motif, and he thought it would be nice to have a master mask like this.

Contains numbers up to 31! ←This is important (and the person himself)

It won't last for a year, but I think it will last about 10 months ^ ^

For this background collage, my masters (mint, NUMBER, coffee ring) were also used, and my masters were made into a collage, which I turned into a master, and using the created masters, akko-san will make a collage again.

The collages created by akko stimulate people who make things, and lead to someone else's collages and creations. The image of this happy series continuing endlessly, and the year when the numbers line up from 1 to 31 and starting again from 1, are similarly endless.

With this image in mind, we named it Endlos. It means eternity or infinity in German.

A little while ago, akko made a calendar using this mask and posted it on Instagram, but it was so nice and I loved the atmosphere, so I desperately tried to copy it and make it. .

It's different than I thought! Now it's done, but you can also use it like this! This is an example.

When making a calendar, using graph paper will make it easier to line up the columns.

When you cut at the numbers, the background collage moves little by little, so even if the numbers are the same, the pattern may not be the same ^o^

There is a little space between the numbers, so I would like you to use it well, including the no-letter zone, not only for notebooks, but also for daily collages and wrapping ♡

I hope that akko's master treatment will make your home life a little more enjoyable and enriching.

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