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Phototta series (1) Instant photo 15mm width 9m length 1 piece

Phototta series (1) Instant photo 15mm width 9m length 1 piece

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This is called the Phototta series, and it is a mask that allows you to add your favorite photos and text.

I've wanted to make this for a long time, but when a customer sends me a photo, I make sure to receive the photo and text from which customer, and after several proofreading sessions, I can master the photo smoothly and without mistakes. We had not decided for a long time what to do with the system to create this, but we finally realized it just before the store closed.

Aside from that, in order to make the most of the flavor and taste of the photo, I decided to create this mask simply, using a white base, like an instant photo.

The letters are in a handwritten typeface.

Please send us the highest resolution and clearest photo possible.

You cannot crop the photo, but you can trim it.

If you send us a cropped photo, we will make it as is.

Maximum length is 15 characters.

If there are more than 5 characters, a line break will be required, so please insert a / (slash) at the line break point.

There is some flexibility, so please contact us.

When ordering, please enter only text and send us a DM on Instagram to receive photos or check the layout.

Therefore, please enter your account name when ordering m(_ _)m

Please think about 3 to 5 times for master check.
If you order multiple instant photos, we will exchange proofs of multiple masters in DM.

The photo will be quite small, so if you want to take a photo of a person or pet, we recommend a close-up photo if you want to clearly show the face, and a distant photo if you want to see the face clearly.

Also, if you take a photo of an illustration, we can make it for you, or if you send us an image of your shop's logo, we can make shop tape, etc.

It is OK to enter text or not. I can't wait to see what kind of mask will be born ( ´ ▽ ` )

[Important things to note]

We cannot accept printing that would infringe on copyright or portrait rights. Printing is possible if permission is obtained from the author who created the work or the person in the photo. In that case, please present a document proving that you have obtained permission to use the site.

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