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Adult Orata Series (5) Attention 15mm width 9m length 1 piece

Adult Orata Series (5) Attention 15mm width 9m length 1 piece

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Introducing "Attention", the fifth book from the Otona no Orata series.

As the name suggests, this is a book that should be written with words that will attract attention and attention.

The yellow and black border and finger illustrations are an eye-catching design.

A pointing hand and an open hand come out alternately, allowing you to cut it into 4.5cm increments.

Since it is an adult Orata series, it is possible to use kanji, alphabets, katakana, and hiragana.

However, the number of characters will be less because of the illustrations.

The alphabet can contain 10 characters, but please specify 5 to 6 Japanese characters.

If you enter two types of words, please separate them with a slash (/).

In that case, the first word is a pointing hand, and the later word is paired with an open hand.

Why not make it fun and interesting with attention patterns such as handling with care as shown in the photo, KEEP DRY, avoid getting wet, DO NOT BEND, do not bend, this is a raw item, important, sealed, must be in place, nice delivery, etc. ?

Attention up

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