How to order masking tape that can be engraved with text

We will explain the number of characters and the characters that can be inserted in the "Orata series" and "Adult Orata series" where you can insert your desired characters.

Orata series

  1. Please enter the characters you want to print in the "Character to insert" box, up to 15 hiragana characters or 30 alphabetical characters (vertical designs cannot use alphabetic characters).
  2. You can also mix alphabets and hiragana. To calculate the number of characters in this case, calculate 2 alphabetical characters = 1 hiragana character.
  3. If there is a space between the first and last names, it will be printed as one half-width character. If you really want to include full-width spaces, please fill in the notes section.
  4. . , ♪?! ? #*&() "" etc. can be printed, but complex emoticons cannot be printed.
  5. If you would like no text, please enter "No text required". If you want to make a design with text between the images without text, the impression will be different from the sample photo, so if you are unsure, you can check the photo in advance.

    Adult Orata series

    1. You can print in hiragana, katakana, kanji, and alphabets. Each product has a different character limit, so please read the description on each product page carefully.

    The characters you enter will basically be printed as is unless you request corrections. Changes to input characters are only possible during the order acceptance period.
    If you are unsure about the finish of the text, you can check the image in advance. Please feel free to contact us.