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Adult Orata Series (26) Colorful Stitch 15mm Width 9m Length 1 Piece

Adult Orata Series (26) Colorful Stitch 15mm Width 9m Length 1 Piece

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The 26th work in the Orata series for adults is called Colorful Stitch.

I wanted to create a simple and easy-to-use mask that is recommended for preparing to enter kindergarten, so this is a product that I tried through trial and error.

The font is large and the white base makes it easy to read, making it easy for both boys and girls to use, and I created it with the idea that I want people to feel energetic just by looking at it.

The stitching surrounding the white frame comes in four colors: red, blue, orange, and green.

You can also make them in different words.

In that case, please enter them separated by slashes (/).

The sample character example is

“Name Master/Enjoy♪”

It will be.

For example, if an older sister and younger brother share the information, you can put the girl's name before the slash and the boy's name after the slash, so you can put the girl's name in the red and orange stitches and the boy's name in the blue and green stitches. Masu.

By name and last name → “Sato/Yousuke Sato”

Alphabet and nickname → “TAKAHASHI/Sachipon♪”

Please have fun thinking about how to make it!

Up to 16 alphabetical characters, including spaces.

Please enter up to 8 characters in kanji, hiragana, and katakana.

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