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Adult Orata Series (20) Coffee Ring 15mm Width 9m Length 1 piece

Adult Orata Series (20) Coffee Ring 15mm Width 9m Length 1 piece

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The 20th work in the adult Orata series is called Coffee Ring.

It often leaves marks on paper coasters.

I used the ring at the bottom of a coffee cup and the droplets that look like spilled coffee as a mask.

The base color is similar to a cafe au lait, similar to the color of coffee seeping through a paper filter.

I also added some coffee beans here and there.

It's a mustard that looks like you can smell the coffee at any moment♪

The font is a handwritten typeface that looks like it was written with a crayon.

Kanji with many strokes are displayed larger, and katakana are displayed smaller, which I think is very cute.

The only kanji that can be printed are first-level kanji, and the kanji that you want to use, such as "coffee", cannot be printed.

If you wish to use difficult kanji, please contact us in advance.

The number of characters can be up to 50 in hiragana, katakana, kanji, and alphabets.

The length of the package varies depending on the number of characters, ranging from a minimum of 2cm to a maximum of 22cm.

By the way, the sample text is 4.5 cm for "Coffee Break♪"

"NO COFFEE, NO LIFE." is 7.5cm.

Also, it is not possible to print two words alternately.

You can choose from two font colors: brown and white.

Of course, you can also order without text, so in that case, please enter "No text required" when ordering.

We hope that not only coffee lovers, but also people who run cafes and coffee shops, will be able to use it by adding their favorite characters and store name.

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