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Adult Orata Series (15) Mini Label II 15mm width 9m length 1 piece

Adult Orata Series (15) Mini Label II 15mm width 9m length 1 piece

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The 15th new work in the adult Orata series is Mini Label II.

This is the second mini label I made before.

There are two colors: green and black.

It alternates between rectangular frames and round frames.

Only the solid colored round frames have white text.

And only for black labels, the font color will be red.

I tried using a slightly different typeface.

It's a crunchy typeface, but I think the katakana atmosphere is simple and cute!

I will write an example of the input character order for the above photo.

Green → “from orata/39”

Black → "Ossowake/Seal"

Please specify two types of words, separated by a slash (/).

The character before the slash (/) is placed in a rectangular frame,

Up to 15 alphabetical characters, up to 8 hiragana, katakana, and kanji characters.

The characters after the slash (/) are placed in a round frame,

In either case, only 1 to 2 characters can be entered.

If you would like no text, please enter "No text required".

You can also make some characters unnecessary by entering something like "No characters required/39."

It may not be possible to print difficult-to-read kanji, so

Please contact us in advance!

I tried wrapping a wood piece collage made by akko.

This is the Osowake that I actually received, and even when I look at the photo, I get excited all over again ( ^ω^ )

In the main photo above, I also used a paper ossowake from akko.

Anyway, the cool material makes it stand out \(^o^)/

Thank you as always, akko♪

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