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Adult Orata Series (1) Watercolor master 15mm width 9m length 1 piece

Adult Orata Series (1) Watercolor master 15mm width 9m length 1 piece

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Today I would like to introduce a new series.

It's called the "Adult Orata Series."

What is considered an adult is kanji (there are restrictions depending on some fonts),

Katakana, Hiragana, Alphabet

The only thing is that up to 10 characters are OK.

So, of course, kids are welcome too!

This is the series name to make it easier to understand (lol).

Not only can you add your name, but you can also easily add your own personal message.

Unlike ``Orata,'' ``Otona no Orata'' has a single line of letters, and is characterized by a larger string in the center.

And only for "Adult Orata", you can alternately insert up to two types of characters.

Of course, it is OK to use only one type.

For example, Kaori Sato/Saori Sato

In this way, the older sister is written in kanji and the younger sister is written in hiragana.

You can also create two sisters' names with one letter.

Thank you! /Every time.

How about something?

I made a tag. ↓


The first design of ``Adult Orata'' is a watercolor master.

This mask has 5 types of mask such as dots, checks, and borders.

Even though it’s a mask, is it a mask pattern?

That's right. There is a thin shadow that looks like a piece of torn masking paste.

It can be cut into 4.5cm increments.



Please have fun using Orata for adults, who can play with it in a wide variety of ways!

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  • How to order masking tape that can be engraved with text

    We will explain the number of characters and the characters that can be inserted in the ``Orata series'' and ``Adult Orata series'', which allow you to insert your desired characters.

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  • About the joints of masking tape

    I will explain the seams that inevitably occur due to the structure of the design data and printing method.

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  • Regarding the order period and delivery date for masking tape that can have letters added to it

    We will explain the order period and delivery date for the "Orata series" and "Adult Orata series" that can be engraved with your desired text.

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