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Stilts 15mm wide, 9m long, 1 piece

Stilts 15mm wide, 9m long, 1 piece

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The third one following the vaulting box and hula hoop.

Stilts are called Beta.

Toboya tries on stilts.

They even brought out their gymnastics mats and climbed on high stilts.

I muttered, "SEE? I DID IT."

Don't forget to take breaks.

Actually, this mask was born from the reviews I received on minne♪

Customer feedback is a source of motivation for me, and a great driving force for me to continue creating master craftsmanship.

If I keep thinking about masters, I get stuck in my head, but when that happens, I always reread reviews and try to respond to requests from customers.

Even if I try to make a request, there are many things that don't come to fruition.

So, please feel free to make requests if you like!

I would like to continue to expand the Toboya series♪

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