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Adult Orata series (13) Charred paper 15mm width 9m length 1 piece

Adult Orata series (13) Charred paper 15mm width 9m length 1 piece

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Introducing a new product from the Orata series for adults.

It's called burnt paper.

As the name suggests, it has burnt parts printed in some places.

The scorch pattern is repeated at approximately 20cm intervals.

I took the photo by pasting it on horse mackerel paper, a Western-style old paper that Mari had given me before.

Recycled paper is just wonderful, so I borrowed a lot of its power, and I really like the atmosphere.

I think it would be good to cut it into charred shapes and use it.

Hiragana, katakana, kanji, and alphabets can all be used.

Enter in a single row in thick Gothic font.

Since it is not possible to write on the paper without burning it, the text will be printed even on the burnt surface.

The number of characters is up to 8 characters in the case of hiragana, katakana, and kanji, if you put one word in 5 cm like the sample.

For alphabetical characters, I think it is best to use up to 14 characters.

If you enter the words separated by a slash (/), the two words will be printed alternately.

Example → MY FAVORITE/burnt muste

If the length to be cut is longer than 5 cm,

You can also enter long characters (up to 40 to 50 characters).

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